Thank You For Supporting Us in 2020


This has been a challenging and eventful year where we have all witnessed much loss, fear and uncertainty. The legacy of our nation’s history of racial injustice has been painfully evident in a series of disturbing incidents of police violence and racial profiling.  People in jails and prisons have experienced devastation, disease and high rates of death as the COVID crisis has been especially challenging for the incarcerated.

Despite economic uncertainty and hardship, you have supported us in our efforts to respond to the multiple crises we’ve faced this year. Because of you, we have actually expanded our work, increased our services to the vulnerable, and found new ways to fight for equal justice and confront racial bias and mistreatment of the poor.

We have never been more determined than we are today to fight for justice and equality, and to change our criminal legal system. We are committed to educating this country, changing narratives that have sustained inequality and bigotry, ending excessive punishment and wrongful convictions, promoting healthier communities and advancing an era of Truth and Justice our nation desperately needs.

Thank you for your support which makes our work possible and thank you for standing with us.