Hunger Relief

EJI is fighting food insecurity by advocating for meaningful policy changes at the national level and providing direct assistance for low-income families in Alabama.

Deondra Scott

EJI is partnering with several nonprofit organizations across Alabama that provide food assistance to families experiencing food insecurity in underserved communities. Our support for anti-hunger organizations and nonprofits across the state is designed to strengthen services and mechanisms for improving food security in Alabama, which has one of the highest rates of hunger in the country.

The impact of the pandemic and record levels of inflation have created an emerging crisis around food security in many households. Alabama’s very problematic policies with regard to taxing groceries, failing to expand Medicaid, and offering only limited programs or supports to the most vulnerable families have made hunger a real threat to many people in the state, especially children.


EJI’s new Hunger Relief project will provide families with more options for buying groceries so that they can rely less on distribution centers.


In addition to providing support to organizations working on hunger relief in Alabama, EJI is launching a subsidy program that will directly empower families experiencing food insecurity to improve their capacity to obtain food each month.

We are working to implement a model program that makes it possible for people to buy groceries that may be harder to find at food distribution centers. We believe that providing families more choices and options for buying groceries strengthens the effort to combat food insecurity.


More than 11 million of the poorest people in America are children.


EJI will work with community leaders, teachers, nonprofits, and faith and service organizations over the coming months to identify families and households with the greatest needs.

In the first year, EJI plans to provide food support to thousands of low-income and vulnerable people experiencing food insecurity in Alabama. We will prioritize families with children, elderly people, and people directly impacted by incarceration.

EJI is partnering with local organizations in Alabama that focus on anti-hunger work. These organizations include providers like Greater Birmingham Ministries, West Alabama Food Bank, Food Bank of East Alabama, Edmundite Missions, and Helping Hands Food Ministry.

We hope you’ll consider supporting these organizations that provide support to people dealing with food insecurity.


Greater Birmingham Ministries provides emergency food assistance to people who have been laid off or lost their homes.

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