Despite serious questions about its death penalty system, Alabama executed 83-year-old Walter Moody.

April 19, 2018

60 Minutes, CBS This Morning, and CNN profiled the Legacy Museum and National Memorial this week.

April 9, 2018

Fifty years ago today, Dr. King was killed in Memphis, where he’d come to support black workers striking for job safety and better wages.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers a speech at a Chicago Freedom Movement rally at Soldier Field on July 10, 1966. (Afro Newspaper/Gado/Getty Images)

April 4, 2018
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The one-of-a-kind museum will explore America's legacy of slavery, racial terror, segregation, and mass incarceration.
Located in Montgomery, Alabama, this will be the country's first national memorial to victims of lynching.
The need to confront America's history of racial injustice is more urgent now than ever.
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EJI has documented over 4000 racial terror lynchings in the United States between the Civil War and World War II.
Outlines the latest reforms that aid children caught in the American criminal justice system and the work that remains to be done.
We are committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment, challenging cruel conditions of confinement, and confronting America’s long history of racial inequality and injustice.