EJI’s New Legacy Museum Named Alabama Tourism’s 2022 Attraction of the Year


The Alabama Tourism Department recognized the Legacy Museum as its 2022 Attraction of the Year during the Alabama Governor’s Conference on Tourism, held on location at Gulf State Park on Friday.

EJI opened the new Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration in downtown Montgomery last fall. Since opening weekend began on October 1, thousands of people from across the country have visited the new museum.

The new Legacy Museum provides a comprehensive history of the United States with a focus on the legacy of slavery. From the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact on the North and coastal communities across America through the Domestic Slave Trade and Reconstruction, the museum provides detailed interactive content and compelling narratives. 

Lynchings, codified racial segregation, and the emergence of over-incarceration in the 20th century are examined in depth and brought to life through film, images, and first-person narratives. 

From an immersive experience of the Trans-Atlantic journey to first-person accounts from trafficked enslaved people, this Legacy Museum is helping Americans account for their joint national history.


Situated on a site where enslaved Black people were warehoused and forced to labor in bondage, the Legacy Museum offers an immersive experience with cutting-edge technology, world-class art, and critically important scholarship about American history.  

Along with the critically acclaimed National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which opened in April 2018, the new museum presents a unique opportunity for visitors to reckon with challenging aspects of our past.

“There may be no cultural institutions in this country better suited to the moment.” —Town&Country

“One of the most ambitious memory-work projects in the nation.” —FOCUS on Geography

“The Legacy Museum experience provided one like no other.” —CNHI News

“We’re honored that the new museum has been recognized as the Attraction of the Year,” said EJI Director Bryan Stevenson. “And we’re proud that the Legacy Museum can play a vital role in helping people learn American history and empowering everyone to build healthier communities.”

EJI is committed to making its spaces fully accessible to everyone. We are financing admission to both the National Memorial and the Legacy Museum by providing entrance with a single ticket costing just $5.

And on Monday, January 17, EJI is providing free admission to the sites in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.