EJI’s Re-Entry Program Celebrates Its Most Recent Graduate


EJI celebrated Joe Garlock’s graduation this month from our Post-Release Education and Preparation (PREP) program. Launched in 2008, PREP provides a wide range of assistance to people released from incarceration, including a full-scale residential re-entry program.

PREP is designed primarily to meet the unique re-entry needs of prisoners who were young teenagers when they were sentenced to long-term incarceration in adult prisons. PREP includes a residential program that focuses on peer tutoring, education, counseling, and job preparation.

PREP’s most recent graduate, Joseph Garlock, was paroled to PREP’s six-month residential program after serving more than a decade in prison. Since his release just six months ago, Joe completed his first semester in the culinary arts program at a local technical college and is now enrolled in his second semester.

While in school, Joe is working full-time at a downtown restaurant, where he was recently promoted and earned a raise. Joe successfully completed the PREP program and is doing extremely well. EJI is enormously proud of Joe’s accomplishments.