Climate Change and Environmental Justice


EJI is pleased to release this complete video of Climate Change and Environmental Justice, which was recorded during our Peace and Justice Summit in Montgomery, Alabama, on April 27.

Former Vice President Al Gore spoke about climate change and the crisis surrounding environmental justice across the globe as our planet is imperiled by radical shifts in climate and global warming. The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner was joined by EJI’s Catherine Flowers, who has been leading reform efforts around environmental justice in Alabama’s Black Belt and who conducted a groundbreaking study that found among the poor in the United States parasitic infections long believed to be eradicated.

The two-day summit accompanied the grand opening of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration, and featured talks, music, and panel discussions with national leaders.  A sampling of the summit reveals the broad range of presenters and performers who participated in two days of programming.

In response to growing demand, EJI is bringing these programs to a global audience by making the video recordings available online. The first release features a stirring speech delivered by Rev. William Barber on the first day of the summit, and was followed by Education in America: Race, Implicit Bias, and Protecting our ChildrenArt/Entertainment and Racial Identity; Changing How We Think About Activism; and Mass Incarceration: How Racial Inequality Shapes Criminal Justice.

Please check back at for additional videos from the Peace and Justice Summit that will be released in the coming weeks.