Thank You for Supporting Us in 2023


We are enormously grateful to everyone who has supported our work in the past year. At a time when there are so many threats to basic civil and human rights, we are working harder than ever to challenge bigotry, inequality, injustice, excessive punishment, and over-incarceration in America.

We remain fully committed to ending mass incarceration and assisting people who have been wrongly convicted, unfairly sentenced, or unjustly prosecuted in our legal system. Our staff work in prisons each week responding to horrific conditions of confinement that motivate us to keep challenging abuse and mistreatment.

We are thrilled that hundreds of thousands of people have come to our sites in the last year to confront our nation’s history of racial injustice and the legacy of slavery. We’re looking forward to the opening of our newest site, Freedom Monument Sculpture Park, which will be open to the public in 2024.

This past year we have also expanded our work to help people suffering from extreme poverty and food insecurity, as well as assist people struggling with disease and illness—many of whom have nowhere else to go. The outstanding medical team at our new Health Clinic is making a meaningful difference in the lives of people coming out of jails and prisons, as well as people dealing with untreated health problems. Providing direct services to people and families in need has been urgent, and the impact we have witnessed has been extremely moving.

A new addition to our Legacy Sites, many successful convenings in Montgomery for professionals, educators, and artists, and court victories that secure freedom and relief for people in prison are all part of what we celebrate this year even as there is so much injustice that requires our attention. Everything we do is possible because of your generous support and your commitment to the issues we address.

On behalf of our clients, the people we serve, and our staff, thank you for your support and for standing with us in 2023.