Thank You For Supporting Us in 2022


We are enormously grateful to everyone who has supported the work of EJI over the last year. As basic civil and human rights have come under attack in unexpected and unprecedented ways, we are working harder than ever to challenge bigotry, inequality, injustice, excessive punishment, and over-incarceration in America.

Throughout the year, we have provided direct legal services to hundreds of people who have been condemned to execution, wrongly convicted, or unfairly sentenced. We are actively documenting and challenging horrific conditions of confinement in jails and prisons. We have also increased and greatly expanded our public education efforts and brought hundreds of thousands of people to our sites, which confront our nation’s history of racial injustice and the legacy of slavery.

In 2022, we also embarked on an exciting new initiative that focuses on poverty. In recent years we have seen growing income inequality, which has had tragic consequences for the poor. The pandemic revealed how many vulnerable people in America die needlessly, suffer from unjust treatment, and experience severe deprivation that cannot be reconciled with a nation as wealthy as the United States. Our new Anti-Poverty Initiative seeks to confront three components of poverty: food insecurity, inadequate healthcare, and unjust incarceration of the poor for unpaid fees and fines. With your support, we believe we can create and model new kinds of interventions that make a difference in the lives of the most needy people in our nation.

New reports that educate the public, new meeting spaces to facilitate important conversations about race, and court victories that secure freedom and relief for people in prison are all part of what we celebrate this year even as there is so much injustice that requires our attention. Everything we do is possible because of your generous support and your commitment to the issues we address. We are grateful that you stand with us.