Our 2024 History of Racial Injustice Calendar Is Now Available


We’re excited to announce that our 2024 calendars are now available to order online.

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Our award-winning wall calendar is a powerful tool for learning about our nation’s history of racial injustice and its legacy.

EJI believes we must deepen and expand our knowledge and understanding of our history in order to address today’s most urgent problems in a meaningful way, and our calendar is an integral part of our public education work.

We created our first calendar for 2013. Over the past decade, we have distributed millions of calendars to schools, libraries, community centers, and nonprofit organizations across the country, most of them for free.

The full-color wall calendar includes historical entries for each day of the year as well as 12 short essays that highlight historical events and issues in our nation’s racial history.

Each year, our staff research and write text, collect images, design, and distribute a new calendar with fresh content about moments and people in American history that are critically important but not well known.

We are honored that millions of people value our calendar as a tactile resource for display in classrooms, community centers, offices, and homes, and thrilled that so many educators, artists, community organizers, faith leaders, and others continue to find powerful ways to use A History of Racial Injustice to advance learning and conversation about our history in communities across America and around the world.

Attendees at a soil collection ceremony in Irondale, Alabama, hold A History of Racial Injustice calendars.

A History of Racial Injustice Online

Our print calendars soon became so popular that we sought out a way to expand their reach. In 2019, we launched a companion website at calendar.eji.org. The digital experience highlights events on this day in history with rich detail and intuitive sharing features.

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The online calendar has images or video and an extended essay researched and written by EJI staff for every day of the year. We regularly refine and refresh the online calendar so there is always something new to explore and learn.

Daily Calendar Emails

Almost immediately upon launching our calendar website, we began to hear from more and more people who wanted to receive our calendar content every day, automatically, in their inboxes and feeds. Now you can sign up to receive a daily email with that day’s calendar entry.

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Thousands of people have subscribed to our daily calendar emails. You can also get daily entries on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Special Features

This month, we launched a new series of investigative articles and short films that offer a deeper dive into selected entries from our A History of Racial Injustice calendar.

First in the series is “The Kiss.”  Two Black children—eight-year-old David “Fuzzy” Simpson and nine-year-old James Hanover Thompson—were arrested, beaten, and jailed for months in 1958 after playing an innocent game. This special feature tells the story of the brutal treatment of these two young Black boys and the terror their community faced after a white girl kissed them on the cheek.

Watch “The Kiss”

Millions of people are engaging with A History of Racial Injustice, ordering a wall calendar, subscribing to our daily calendar emails, sharing calendar posts with friends and family on social media, and exploring deeper with our special features.

We hope you will join us in learning about our history and reckoning honestly with its legacy.