Lowndes County Family Gets A New Home


After Alberta Turner’s home in White Hall, Alabama, was severely damaged by storms, EJI Rural Development Manager Catherine Flowers assisted the Turner family to obtain a new home.

The roof of the Turner mobile home in Lowndes County was severely damaged during Hurricane Katrina, but the family received only $128 to cover the damages. In January 2008, another storm sent a large tree limb crashing through the roof of Alberta Turner’s bedroom and left a gaping hole. The Turners attempted to cover the hole with sheets of plastic but the home was not waterproof and Mrs. Turner’s bedroom and its furniture was destroyed.

Like many residents in Lowndes and surrounding counties with nonabsorbent clay soil, the Turners’ septic system had stopped working, causing sewage to pour out on the ground in the backyard.

Catherine Flowers, Rural Development Manager for EJI, assisted the Turner family in obtaining a brand-new mobile home and a new working septic system after obtaining private donor support. The Turners moved into their new home today.

Ms. Alberta Turner sits outside her damaged home in White Hall, Alabama