Homicide at Limestone Is 16th in Alabama Prisons This Year


Another incarcerated person has been killed in Alabama’s prison system.

Kenyon Arrington, 34, was stabbed to death Saturday in an assault at Limestone Correctional Facility near Harvest, Alabama.

Mr. Arrington is at least the 16th person killed in an Alabama prison so far this year, and the fourth in less than a month.

On September 22, Roman Salinas was killed at Ventress. On October 1, Denarieya Smith was killed at Donaldson. Two days later, on October 3, Joseph Agee was killed at Donaldson.

Data from the Alabama Department of Corrections show that assaults at Limestone have more than tripled in the past three years.

In 2019, the prison recorded 48 assaults. In 2020, there were 120, and 142 assaults were recorded in 2021.

Limestone has recorded 141 assaults so far this year—and that does not include assaults since August. 2022 is on track to be the most violent year ever recorded at the prison.

In September, after local media reported on the failure of state corrections officials to address the crisis of violence at Limestone, the Justice Department told WHNT News that the prison “fails to provide constitutionally adequate conditions and that prisoners experience serious harm, including deadly harm.”

To date, neither the Alabama Department of Corrections nor the governor’s office has announced any efforts, proposed changes, or new policies in response to the outbreak of homicides in the state’s prisons this year.