James Fisher Wins Release to EJI’s Re-Entry Program After 27 Years on Death Row


After 27 years on Oklahoma’s death row and more than a decade of expert assistance from EJI, James Fisher was released this week and will be entering EJI’s Post-Release Education and Preparation (PREP) program.

Mr. Fisher was illegally convicted and sentenced to death twice in Oklahoma – first in 1984 and again in 2005. EJI worked with the Oklahoma Appellate Defender and provided expert assistance that resulted in a new trial for Mr. Fisher, first in 2002 and then in 2008. The case settled after EJI agreed to provide re-entry support to Mr. Fisher.

EJI’s PREP program will provide Mr. Fisher with housing and a range of services to facilitate his successful re-entry after serving 27 years on Oklahoma’s death row. The program specializes in providing re-entry assistance to people like Mr. Fisher who were incarcerated at a young age and have spent long periods of time in prison without strong support systems.