Gruber Award Ceremony Held in Birmingham


Human rights work on behalf of Romani victims of discrimination and advocacy for poor people in the criminal justice system in the Deep South was the focus at today’s Gruber Justice Prize award ceremony.

European Roma Rights Centre managing director Robert Kushen and deputy director Isabela Mihalache, along with EJI director Bryan Stevenson, participated in a symposium today in Birmingham, which addressed the challenges of bringing justice to longstanding victims of discrimination.

European Roma Rights Centre is an international public interest law organization that combats anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Roma in Europe. ERRC has filed more than 500 court cases in 15 countries challenging state and non-state actors who have discriminated against Romani individuals in education, housing, employment, healthcare and other areas, or have committed violence against them.

Bryan Stevenson and the European Roma Rights Centre will share the $500,000 award, which recognizes their work to help members of oppressed groups gain access to equal justice. Mr. Stevenson’s $250,000 share will be donated to EJI.