EJI’s Racial Justice Teaching Tools Now on Flipgrid Discovery Library


EJI has established a partner page with Flipgrid Discovery Library to bring the educational content of our research reports to classrooms across the country. The Flipgrid Discovery Library provides free access for teachers to engage learners with content on racial justice and foster discussion through student-created videos.

EJI is proud to share 21 topics to support teachers who want to use our reports, Lynching in America and Reconstruction in America, in their classrooms. Through content from the reports, animated videos, and oral history, students are introduced to important vocabulary for identifying and naming injustice and are asked to think critically about how to confront this history.

Our Reconstruction in America report explores how the era of Reconstruction offered great promise to radically change the history of this country but instead American institutions from the local to the national level failed to protect Black lives and constitutional rights. Our Lynching in America report highlights the role of racial terror lynching as a form of domestic terrorism designed to achieve racial subordination and segregation in the absence of legalized chattel slavery.

EJI’s public education efforts aim to advance a fuller, more accurate understanding of the nation’s history of racial injustice and the need for criminal justice reform. Teachers are on the front line of an important struggle to make education more complete, more honest, and more effective at reckoning honestly with America’s history of racial injustice. While discussing the history of racial violence and racial injustice in the U.S. can be challenging, excluding this history from classrooms prevents a full understanding of U.S. history and contemporary society.

EJI is excited to make this partner page available to the millions of educators, students, and families in the Flipgrid community. We are proud to support educators committed to preparing a new generation of youth equipped to recognize and eliminate racism, bigotry, and inequality.