EJI Encourages Supporting Relief Efforts in Haiti Through Partners in Health


EJI urges our supporters to contact our sister organization Partners in Health (PIH) which is coordinating emergency services for the victims of the hugely destructive earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010. PIH is on the ground in Haiti and is one of the most effective health care providers in impoverished settings in the world. PIH is already in Haiti leveraging the skills of more than 120 doctors and nearly 500 nurses and nursing assistants who work at its health clinic sites in Haiti. To help PIH respond to the crisis in Haiti, click here.

With its hospitals and highly trained medical staff in place in Haiti, Partners In Health is already mobilizing resources and preparing plans to bring medical assistance and supplies to areas that have been hardest hit.

PIH’s greatest need right now is financial support. PIH facilities are strategically placed just two hours outside of Port-au-Prince and will inevitably absorb the flow of patients out of the city. Emergency workers need cash on hand to quickly procure emergency medical supplies, basic living necessities, as well as transportation and logistics support for the tens of thousands of people who are seeking care at mobile field hospitals in the capital city. Any and all support that will help PIH respond to these immediate needs is greatly appreciated.

To help PIH respond to the crisis in Haiti, click here.