EJI Announces 34 Winners of Montgomery Public Schools Legacy Scholarship


Bryan G. Stevenson

EJI has announced 34 winners of the Montgomery Public Schools Legacy Scholarship. The scholarship, which awards $10,000 to each recipient, is awarded to graduating seniors from each of nine different Montgomery public high schools. Two to four winners were selected from each high school.

This year’s winners were selected based on essays about the Legacy Sites, including EJI’s new Freedom Monument Sculpture Park, and their display of values such as resilience, leadership, and hope.

The Legacy Scholarship program grew out of a collaboration between EJI and the Montgomery Public Schools following meetings between superintendent Dr. Melvin Brown and EJI leadership.

Over 250 family members, teachers, and counselors gathered to celebrate the new Legacy Scholars at EJI’s Legacy Hall after students were selected.

“We are incredibly excited to support these extraordinary young people who have distinguished themselves at their schools,” said EJI director Bryan Stevenson. “Area students need to be supported, encouraged, and affirmed when they work hard and strive to achieve greatness as these beautiful high school students have done. Providing scholarships to MPS students and their families has been a joyous and uplifting experience for us and we look forward to continuing our work with area youth.”

The 34 winners of the Montgomery Public Schools Legacy Scholarship are:

The scholarship was created to support students who have overcome obstacles and who have demonstrated a commitment to their communities. This is the second year of the MPS Legacy Scholarship.

EJI congratulates all of the winners and wishes them the best of luck as they pursue their dreams.