Alabama Capital Defense Trial Manual

EJI’s Alabama Capital Defense Trial Manual (5th Ed.) is a 518-page, comprehensive review of criminal law, criminal procedure, and the trial process, with an emphasis on how to defend people facing the death penalty.

The manual provides summaries of hundreds of relevant decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court and state and federal courts and provides guidance on best practices when representing a capital defendant.

The Fifth Edition of EJI’s Alabama Capital Defense Trial Manual is available to capital defense attorneys for $35.

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Basics of Death Penalty Law

Chapter 3 Pretrial Preparation

Chapter 4 Categorical Exemptions

Chapter 5 Defense Funds

Chapter 6 Discovery

Chapter 7 Indictments

Chapter 8 Pretrial Suppression

Chapter 9 Pretrial Publicity

Chapter 10 Jury Selection

Chapter 11 Trial Objections

Chapter 12 Jury Instructions

Chapter 13 Penalty Phase

Chapter 14 United States Supreme Court Cases

Chapter 15 Alabama Death Penalty Cases

Chapter 16 Alabama Non-Death Penalty Cases

Chapter 17 Resources

Chapter 18 List of Sample Motions

Case Index

Sample Capital Trial Motions

Sample pleadings are available here.

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