EJI's 2020 History of Racial Injustice Calendar Is Now AvailableSeptember 26, 2019

EJI is proud to present our 2020 Calendar: A History of Racial Injustice.

As a nation, we have not yet acknowledged our history of racial injustice, including the genocide of Native people, the legacy of slavery and racial terror lynchings, and the legally authorized segregation and abuse of people of color.

EJI believes that the United States must commit to a new era of truth and justice that honestly engages with our history if we want to more effectively address contemporary issues, including mass incarceration, immigration, and human rights.

Our full-color wall calendar includes hundreds of historical entries and 12 short essays highlighting historical events and issues in our nation's racial history. The calendar and companion website are designed as helpful tools for learning more about American history.

EJI has distributed close to a million copies of our award-winning wall calendar, and millions more people are engaging with the daily digital experience at calendar.eji.org

The 2020 History of Racial Injustice Calendar is now available for purchase online. Please click here to order.

We hope you will join us in the critical work of acknowledging and sharing our history of racial injustice. Together we can create a new era of truth and justice in America.