Summer Justice Internship

EJI will not host a class of summer 2021 justice interns. Please check for future updates about summer 2022.

About EJI

EJI is a non-profit law office and human rights organization based in Montgomery, Alabama. We provide legal assistance to condemned prisoners, children in the criminal justice system, people wrongly convicted or sentenced, and the poor and vulnerable facing imprisonment. We advocate for more hopeful solutions to the violence, powerlessness, and despair plaguing many marginalized communities.

EJI has also launched an initiative on race and poverty that seeks meaningful solutions to long-standing problems. This initiative aims to illustrate and facilitate engagement with America’s history of racial injustice and its ties to contemporary inequality and bias within the nation’s system of criminal law. EJI believes that understanding the truth of three key historical eras in American history – enslavement, followed by racial terror lynching, followed by violent and determined resistance to civil rights progress – is required to truly understand and combat the human rights challenges of our present era of mass incarceration.

In addition to ongoing litigation work, EJI opened two new historical sites in Montgomery in April 2018: The National Memorial for Peace & Justice, the nation’s first memorial to the victims of racial terror lynching, and The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration.

About the Position

Justice interns will work closely with EJI staff to support active project work, including the museum and memorial sites. Their duties may include: research and writing for publications, online content, and other projects; assisting with the planning and implementation of visitor programming; supporting community intake and outreach efforts; helping to host visitors to the office, museum and/or memorial; performing administrative duties (filing and copying, responding to phone calls and emails, filling publication orders, selling site tickets and materials, etc.); and other tasks.

The Justice Internship requires a ten-week commitment to work in Montgomery, Alabama, during the summer of 2020. We are seeking candidates with strong organizational and research skills, and a commitment to EJI’s broad mission of challenging mass incarceration and promoting racial justice.  A small living stipend may be available if needed. Current undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply, and we also welcome applications from young professionals interested in the position.

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